Just For Fun

Opera in the Garden Cambridgeshire

Eboracum Baroque return to the Rectory Garden at Wimpole to perform Handel's Semele. Composed in 1744 and featuring some of Handel's most exquisite music, it was one of the many concerts enjoyed by former Wimpole resident Captain George Bambridge

Build up a relationship

Any time you step out of a familiar vehicle and into one you’re not familiar with, it can take a while to adjust. From trying to get the mirrors in the right place, finding the controls to adjust the steering wheel and drivers seat, to finding storage for your maps, snacks and sunglasses. It’d be so much easier to jump in a driver’s seat you’re accustomed to, where it’s all set up how you like it and there’s still a packet of wine gums in the glove compartment. That’s the beauty of owning a motorhome, there’s no awkward period of adjustment, accidentally hitting the windscreen wipers when you meant to indicate. Your home on wheels greets you like an old friend, you know where everything is and how everything works. What could be more be a more convenient or more relaxing start to a road trip adventure?